please explain to me why all these goodbye messages are floating around even though they’re only out on loan. i am genuinely confused and terrified they won’t come back.

nobody is coming back… i’m not sure why we don’t outright sell, but  they’re gone. negredo & family want to go back to spain and micah wants playing time, so…

Maybe because we’re still gonna pay a part of their wages.

Micah is on loan with possibility of a permanent move at the end of the season. Negredo as well, but at the moment Valencia can’t really afford to pay City for him. If they fail to pay at the end of the season, he comes back. If they manage to pay, he stays there. Basically, both of them are gone for good, but there is always the tiny hope that they will come back at the end of the season, if City decides to have them back.

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Everyone who lives in the London area, please, be advised. DO NOT use any public transportation service tomorrow. The government has been placed under a 24-hour red alert. I sincerely hope that it is all a false tip, but if you have to travel somewhere in the City, please, do not use the tube or buses.

Thank you!

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The world stands with Palestine.

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Wednesday Jul 16 @ 03:16pm
Please Help Almost Human:


Guys, even if you don’t watch Almost Human, please sign this petition.


Fox cancelled the show not due to low ratings or interest, but because of complicated money bullshit that meant that Warner Bros. would get most of the money for syndication and Netflix.

A petition has almost reached 16k signatures to get the show picked up by Netflix, and THEY DIDN’T SHOOT US DOWN. They’re actually considering it. Please help out a fellow fledgling fandom trying to get its feet under it, and if you want, please check out the show and tweet @Netflix to help boost support for it.

Do it for a show that has a disabled main and POC main, some awesome worldbuilding, and cool female characters that were rounding out as the season ended.

If nothing else, click a button for this cutie and his character development.


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